Aloha and Welcome to the West Molokai Association

The West Molokai Association Board of Directors invites you to check your website often for current events in our community. The purpose of this website is to disseminate information to Association members.

As stated in Article III of the West Molokai Association’s Charter of Incorporation, recorded with the Department of Regulatory Agencies, State of Hawaii, on October 1, 1976, “The purpose for which the corporation is organized is to provide for the management, maintenance, protection, preservation, architectural control and development of property on the island of Molokai, County of Maui, State of Hawaii, within the areas known as “West Molokai” and to promote the health, safety and welfare of its members.”

The West Molokai Association is a Non-Profit corporation that serves as the “umbrella” Association for the following developments on the West End of Molokai:

Papohaku Ranchlands lots

Moana Makani lots

Fairway/Golfview lots

Ke Nani Kai condominiums

Paniolo Hale condominiums

Kepuhi Beach Resort Condominiums

These developments are serviced by approximately 20 miles of road, beginning at the intersection of Kalua Koi Road and Highway 260 and ending at Dixie Maru beach. Papohaku Beach is also located within the development area and there are several roads in the Papohaku Ranchlands that provide beach access.


Your Board of Directors

Richard Westlund, President

Vice President – Norman Rizk

Susan Knowles, Secretary

Bill Leach, Treasurer

David Jensen, Director

Malia Kino, Director

Steve Notman, Director

You may contact any board member either individually or as a group via e-mail at

NOTICE: The information on this website is privileged and confidential and is intended only for the property owners of the West Molokai Association. Any review, use, disclosure or copying of this information is prohibited except by, or on behalf of, the intended owners.